Security Considerations for Collaborations in an Industrial IoT-based Lab of Labs


The productivity and sustainability advances for (smart) manufacturing resulting from (globally) interconnected Industrial IoT devices in a lab of labs are expected to be significant. While such visions introduce opportunities for the involved parties, the associated risks must be considered as well. In particular, security aspects are crucial challenges and remain unsolved. So far, single stakeholders only had to consider their local view on security. However, for a global lab, we identify several fundamental research challenges in (dynamic) scenarios with multiple stakeholders: While information security mandates that models must be adapted wrt. confidentiality to address these new influences on business secrets, from a network perspective, the drastically increasing amount of possible attack vectors challenges today’s approaches. Finally, concepts addressing these security challenges should provide backwards compatibility to enable a smooth transition from today’s isolated landscape towards globally interconnected IIoT environments.

Proceedings of the 3rd IEEE Global Conference on Internet of Things (GCIoT ‘19), December 4–7, 2019, Dubai, United Arab Emirates